Top Best Romantic and Funny Goodnight Messages for Her

Top Best Romantic and Funny Goodnight Messages for Her. Do you have a girlfriend or wife? Are you looking for something sweet, romantic, and fun? Good night message For her?. Here we wrote for you the best romantic and fun good night messages for her that you can send to your lover if you miss her. 

Funny good night message for her

The night is too long and I want to see you again. I’m going to go outside and pursue the darkness so that the day comes faster. Anyway, see you soon. Good night!

Be prepared to hold your phone firmly as I am sending a lot of hugs and kisses your way. Have a peaceful sleep, dear my love. Have a good dream!

I know your nights are so lovely and your dreams are so sweet that you won’t want to wake up in the morning. If so, you know what to do. Remove the battery from the alarm clock and enjoy. Thanks later. Good night!

When beautiful people say they haven’t been born yet, I wonder what they say. I already have the most beautiful woman as my girl. I will love you forever Sweet dream love!

When I send this message I know I am writing in pain. I couldn’t tell my lovely wife to sleep well, so I fell to the floor as soon as I answered the phone. Laugh at me! I love you and good night.

You bother me every night because I always see you in my dreams. Wishing you a lovely night to my love, full of sweetest dreams.

Did you know that I always dream of your beautiful face every night? Well, as I just said, now you know. Good night love!

If you’re curious about why you’re always smiling when you’re together, it’s because of your cute and bright face. When I see you, I have no choice but to laugh. Well, I hope I can see your face tomorrow and laugh with your teeth. Enjoy a sweet night out!

I’m kinder to you today. Because today you could make someone laugh using one of your banal jokes. sleep well, my love!

Good night my number one lady, but that doesn’t mean you have number one. May the stars shine on you tonight and bring blessings to your life. Good night!

Do you have a girlfriend that is more fun than you? When you fall asleep, dream the sweetest dreams and enjoy the night. good night!

According to the law of gravity, everything that goes up must come down. But in my case, my love for you only rises every day, and I think it’s an exception to the rule. I love you very much and wish you a wonderful night with your best dreams.

When I think of my future, when I close my eyes, I see you in it, I see you in my dreams. That’s how we know we belong together. I will be yours forever. Have a nice night with my love.

Romantic good night message for her

It has always been my wish that the time will come when I wake up to your beautiful smile and see you next to me. I can’t wait for this day to finally come to my love. Until then, have a good night and sweet dreams.

You are the last one that comes to mind when I go to bed every night, and you are the one that comes to mind when I wake up in the morning. Good night, baby, good night!

It’s already night. I hope your day was great like mine. Would you like to know why? I’ve been thinking of you all day and can’t wait to see you again. sleep well, my love!

I am the luckiest person on earth to have a lovely, kind, and smart woman like my girlfriend. I love you to the moon and back, so I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you every day. Sleep well and have the sweetest dreams.

I keep asking myself what I have done to get a nice girl like you. You are not only beautiful but smart. I love you very much, my dear love. May the stars shine on you when you are in bed. Good night!

My love, every moment I spend with you is full of happiness and laughter. I hope to see you again tomorrow and every other day. Knowing that my love is yours, sleep with a smile on your face. Good night my pretty girl!

As I write this, I’m thinking of a smile as bright as the sun, your radiant skin softened like rose petals and shiny hair that makes you so beautiful. Wait until we meet next time, honey. Have a lovely night!

May our sweet memories today remain in your mind as you fall into a peaceful sleep. What more can I ask for? You are all I want. I will love you forever, good night.

You don’t know what I wish you were here with me now. But now you have to see yourself in a dream and be content with what is in your mind Have a nice night with my love!

Even if you’re tired and sleepy, you can’t limit yourself to sending good-night messages. Because you are very important to me. We look forward to seeing you again tomorrow. Have a sweet dream!

Every night I miss you You are the part of me that I value and love very much. Have a beautiful night and have sweet dreams!

It took me quite a while to find someone I could connect with. Now that I have found you, no matter what, I will never let you go. You are all of me and I love you. Good night love!

Words can make or break your relationship and are all about how to verbally express your feelings. If you wish, you can make your partner love you more by sending the goodnight message mentioned above.