Iftar Party Invitation Message

Iftar Party Invitation Message: Iftar is the best of Ramadan. Because it allows us to feel unprivileged people, beg mercy, and feel blessed. A table full of food is by no means attractive when we are fasting for the Almighty we love and trying to break it with our loved ones at the command of Allah (SWT).

If you want to invite loved ones to an iftar meeting, you need an Ifta party invitation message and phrase idea. If you’re thinking about what to write on an iftar party invitation card or how to invite someone to an iftar party, check out our iftar party invitation messages and phrase ideas below.

Iftar Party Invitation Message

Please accept our warm invitation to the Iftar party on (Date & Time) at (Location). It is an honor to have you in our place.

In this holy month of Ramadan, you are invited to dine with us at our iftar party at (location) at (date and time). May Allah (SWT) is good for us and gives Halal rizq.

MashaAllah Tabarakallah! We are enjoying the holy month of Ramadan, and the iftar party is a must to celebrate the holy fasting festival. So please accept your invitation to the Grand Iftar party on (date, time and place).

In Ramadan Mubarak, we plan to hold the Iftar Festival at (Date and Time) (Venue) to celebrate the joy of prayer and fasting. We are happy to meet you. Let’s meet there.

May Allah fill your life with divine light and give us a chance to seek mercy together in Iftar. You are invited to our Iftar party (at the time, date, and place).

Bring us the joy you bring to the table with food. Please teach us the happiness that brings you through sharing. Accept our warm iftar party invitation on (Date & Time) at (Place).

Ramadan is a blessed month, and it could be even more blessings to get the chance to have a lot of iftar with you. Accept a warm invitation to our iftar party. Hope to see you soon.

Join our iftar party and make the best event beautiful. Let’s take this opportunity and ask for forgiveness together.

Online invitation message

We sincerely invite you to our iftar party, cheering on our spirits to remain strong and patient during the blessed month of Ramadan. RSVP: Name and contact.

We hope to be able to invite you through the meeting, but here we are spreading iftar invitations online. We believe this won’t limit us from having iftar together. Please participate in (Location) on (Date and Time).

We invite you to the if-tar party in this holy month of Ramadan. Your presence will surely make the event enjoyable. Please participate.

To celebrate the holy month of sacrifice and forgiveness, we invite you to the iftar party prepared at (Date & Time) (Place).

Let’s pray together for tranquility, peace, and justice at the iftar party prepared (date and time) in (place). We hope that your attendance will make the event enjoyable and meaningful.

Iftar is Jannah and the gateway to forgiveness, we can feel the needy and pray for eternal peace. We hope you will participate in the pleasant preparation of the Iftar Party.

Shout out to all Muslim brothers and sisters who do not eat snacks. To celebrate your faith and patience, we organized an Iftar Party at (Date & Time) (Venue). Join us.

We wish you the joy of this year’s holy Ramadan Iftar Party. The event will be held from (Location) to (Date and Time). We look forward to seeing you there.

Iftar invitation text message

We look forward to your enjoyable attendance at the Iftar Party held at (Venue) on (Date & Time). May you bless us with your kind being.

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters. You are invited to our iftar party at the venue (day of the week, time of the week).

You are ready to host the Grand Iftar Party this year. All of you (date and time) are sincerely invited to join us.

Let’s share fasting together in the name of Allah (SWT). Raise your hand and ask for forgiveness. Please join the iftar party.

Meet us to prepare for this year’s lovely Iftar party at (Location Name) (Date & Time). Hope to see you soon.

Mr. and Mrs. (Name) request honor for your attendance at the Iftar Party in their home on (Date and Time).

It could be a better chance than having an iftar celebrating Ramadan together. Join the iftar party on (date & time & place).

We hope you will take advantage of the Iftar gatherings and pray to Allah for peace in the community. Please join us in this awesome initiative.

Joy comes in many different shapes and amounts over many times, but the joy that comes through lovely gatherings of friends and family, or acquaintances at iftar parties, is wonderful because the reason is spiritual and meaningful. We hope that the editing of the iftar party invitations will be appropriate, and can be used at the home, office, or restaurant, anywhere you are preparing for an iftar meeting.

Write on cards, post on social media, and use for letters. Or e-invitation, email, What’s App, or Text; We know they will serve the beautiful purpose of inviting a lovely crowd to the most beautiful iftar parties. Make the most of Ramadan together.