History of Father’s Day Everything you need to know about the Day

International Father’s Day 2021 I’d like to take you around the corner and share some interesting facts about the importance of this special day. The history of Father’s Day. Father’s day It has been traditionally celebrated from the beginning of the 20th century. Father’s Day is also celebrated in many European countries as St. Joseph’s Day on March 19th.

The history of Father’s Day dates back to 1908 when a church in West Virginia preached in honor of the 362 men who died in a coal mine explosion the previous year. This was the first event in the United States to honor only the father, but at least it was only once in the community. So, although it was a time to honor and celebrate my father, Father’s Day was inspired by tragedy.

Indeed, Father’s Day would not have gained its popularity today without the efforts of a woman. Sonora Smart Dodd. One of the reasons Dodd is so passionate about vacation is that she and her brother were raised by a single father named William Jackson Smart.

Dodd was inspired to set a holiday for her father after hearing Anna Jarvis preach about her efforts to set Mother’s Day. After the sermon, Dodd approached the pastor and said that he believed that his father also deserved the Day of Congratulations. Her original idea was that the holiday would take place on June 5, her father’s birthday.

Everything you need to know about the history of Fathers

How did you come to celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June?

Because extra time was needed to prepare the holiday sermons, Dodd proposed holding a Father’s Day event on the third Sunday of each month, June 19, 1910. She organized these celebrations in Spokane, Washington for many years, until the celebrations resumed when she returned to Spokane in the 1930s after leaving to study art in Chicago.

Several politicians who motivated Dodd’s efforts tried to formalize the vacation, but with little success. U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson announced that he was celebrating Father’s Day with a presidential proclamation, and Father’s Day was designated a national holiday by President Richard M. Nixon in 1972.

Reasons to celebrate Fathers day in WishExtra today?

  • Fathers often become role models for their children. In most countries around the world, fathers act as guardians and advocates of their families.
  • Father gives great advice and provides comforting shoulders to rely on in difficult times. In the early stages of life, we rely on our childhood fathers for emotional support.
  • Still, in many families, the father is the only bread maker. This has changed somewhat in modern society but is considered the financial backbone of the family.
  • My father is a DIY expert in many homes. Tasks and other necessary tasks, such as replacing a light bulb or repairing a fence, are easily done by my father. They pass on this useful knowledge to their children.
  • For many people, fathers are the most inspiring figures in life, and many young people try to become like their fathers. Fathers encourage children to get better.

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