History of Cutting Birthday Cake

History of Cutting Birthday Cake. Someone’s birthday is the most precious day in the life. Regardless of all the drama and confusion that happens during the year, a birthday is a day when all pain and suffering disappear. Birthdays give a person many reasons to laugh, love, and enjoy life. It is D-Day that has landed on this planet to experience all that this life has to offer. There is so much to love about your birthday.

Everything from candles to gifts to wishes from loved ones makes today so special. But there is one more thing you can’t forget about your birthday It is a birthday cake. The birthday cake is the highlight of the day. A birthday without a birthday cake is incomplete. This statement made us wonder why we cut our cakes on our birthday or where this birthday tradition came from. Let’s explore.

Birthday Cake Cutting-How It All Started

According to classical Roman culture, cakes were sometimes served to guests as a polite gesture on special occasions such as weddings. Initially, this cake was made into a flat circle with a lot of flour, honey, and nuts. In the 15th century AD, German bakers began making and introducing single-layer cakes for birthday celebrations on the market.

This practice of making single-layer cakes expelled the myth that cakes can only be cut at weddings. And that’s how the tradition of cutting cakes on birthdays was born.

The history of birthday cakes dates back to the Middle Ages when the Germans celebrated their children’s birthdays with cakes, and the celebration is called the Kinder Festival. Originally, the cake was bread-like and thick. Later the cake was made sweeter and tastier.

This birthday tradition has continued like this for a while until modern times Birthday cake Has been introduced. In the 17th century, modern birthday cakes took the place of modern birthday cakes on the market. This kind of birthday cake is multi-layered with exclusive designs and decorations to look refreshing and amazing. But, unfortunately, this cake was only served to the rich.

Entering the 18th century, this birthday cake became accessible even to the poorest of society due to the industrial revolution that made food and baking utensils readily available and inexpensive. In the mid-19th century, Western European countries also began cutting birthday cakes as part of their birthday traditions.

Why are you blowing candles on your birthday?

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Candles were blown on birthdays after the birthday tradition of cutting cakes began. Numerous theories explain the birthday tradition of blowing out candles.

One of the theories is the Greek theory that explains this birthday tradition well. According to theory, the tradition of burning candles on birthdays is associated with the ancient custom of lighting candles to worship the birth of the goddess Artemis.

There is one more theory that, according to the pagans, birthday candles have symbolic power. Use fire during ritual dating too long ago. Previously, it was believed that bad spirits visit people on their birthday. Therefore, friends and family besieged to protect the birthday person from evil spirits.

They also cheer for the birthday person and make noises to drive away evil spirits. Another story of blowing birthday candles began in Switzerland in 1881. Researchers have witnessed numerous superstitions and beliefs in people.

One of them was to have the same number of candles as your birthday. This candle was blown by the birthday person. After all these theories were put into practice, the birthday tradition of blowing candles was born. Others believed that a person celebrating a birthday was making a wish before blowing a candle placed on a birthday cake.

Don’t forget to sing “Happy Birthday”. The reasons are as follows:

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After all these birthday traditions, there’s still one more tradition of singing happy Birthday songs that you can’t miss. It first started in English-speaking countries and then spread all over the world. But in other countries, you can sing in your language to make the person who is your birthday happy. The tradition of writing the phrase Happy Birthday on the cake also existed later.

The birthday cake is intended to be decorated with candles, ice flowers, and ribbons. Decorate the cake and the birthday cake will look attractive. The cake is shared with all attendees, representing joy and a polite gesture of belonging.

One of the funniest birthday traditions is that the birthday person must make a wish before blowing candles. And only when all the candles burst in one breath, the wish will be heard. There are many variations of birthday cakes. In China, birthday cakes such as wheat bread with lotus flowers can be found.

Some Western countries, such as Russia, offer their guests fruit pies. Swedes have a different kind of birthday cake, which looks like a pond decorated with flags and marzipan toppings. Even in India, people celebrate birthdays in the same way as a cake-cutting event.

As times have evolved, more and more people have become accustomed to following these traditions on their birthdays. And why not? This is the day a person deserves to feel special. People will celebrate their important day with all these birthday traditions. One can cut a cake, blow out candles and make a wish on a birthday.

However, although the birthday tradition came from a strange belief, we designed our birthday the way we celebrate D-day. After all, what is a birthday without a birthday cake? Now in the digital age Order a birthday cake online Now it’s easy to use online, so people can easily access it at their fingertips. Now you can easily find a birthday cake online to organize your birthday party easily.