Top Best Funny Friendship Messages, Texts and Quotes

Top Best Funny Friendship Messages, Texts, and Quotes. A friendship is a relationship that has no boundaries and does not require any dedication. It’s all about sharing and caring without any conditions. We know you are here to receive fun friendship messages that you can share with your crazy friends and have a lot of fun! Then it’s too close to a collection of funny messages that are too cool to make your friends laugh louder. Scroll down and enjoy fun friendship messages, texts, and quotes from this collection.

Funny friendship message

It’s been too long for me to remain friends with you. I wish I knew how hard it can be to put up with your stupidity!

It is difficult not to be friends with someone who already knows all your dark secrets. Being friends with you is no longer my choice. Now it’s your duty!

True friends don’t judge each other, they judge others together 

When a stupid person makes great decisions in life, it is about making friends with an equally stupid person. Congratulations!

If you fall, a good friend will come to pick you up, but your best friend will help you, laugh, and travel you again.

A lovely star that fell to Earth one night wants a million dollars or a good friend? I choose to have a million dollars. I already have you!

I have all the qualities of a great friend. You should feel really lucky to have a friend like me in your life!

A good friend will come to rescue you from prison, but a real friend will sit next to you and say, “It was awesome.”

Thank you for making me realize that I am a loser. After all, who is the one who chooses to be friends with someone as strange as you who have no losers like me?

I heard that a real friend is someone who helps hide the body. I would manage a friend like that, but would you be that corpse for me?

I’m already tired of it, so I don’t want a better friend than you! You are a good friend, but your madness is unbearable!

Thank you for laughing even though my jokes aren’t funny. After all, it’s the only thing that makes you important to me.

Every time I see a dropping grade I am a little disappointed. But I am glad that you are always there for me.

You are a traffic signal, my friend. Your antiques always stop me on my way.

A true friend is like a big fart. They don’t smell much and always make you laugh and you can’t live without them.

If there was only one parachute on the plane just before it crashed. We promise to give you the best speech at the funeral.

A real friend cares like a mother, scolds like a dad, kicks like a sister, annoys like a brother, loves more than a lover.

A good friend is like a bra. It’s hard to find a comfortable friend, who always provides support, holds tight and is always close to heart.

I am lucky to have someone who is not only my friend but also my babysitter. Thank you for coming.

There is no doubt that you are the luckiest person as you have me in your life. You no longer need blessings in your life.

Thank you for being there through all the important others I accidentally chose in moments of obvious weakness.

I don’t need a psychiatrist to stimulate my personal life and tell them all my secrets.

Even before I knew about the internet, I knew about the connection. It’s what you feel whenever you’re there.

Fun message for your best friend

Sometimes I am afraid of dying and going to hell. However, I have no choice but to laugh because I know that my best friend will most certainly accompany me.

Your best friend is the one who drives you crazy but doesn’t let them send you into exile. Thanks, Bestie, always be there for me.

Best Friend: Anyone who can fart without fear of a referee.

Your friend pokes your back, your boyfriend pokes your heart, but your best friend doesn’t carry a knife.

Thank you for being a playground where you can play with confidence. I hate you, Betty. Hugs and kisses.

My friend, I was visiting a cemetery before. And it realized our friendship had to end. It will be your death.

A stranger stabs you forward. A fake friend stabbed you on your back. Your boyfriend pokes your heart, but your best friend pokes each other with a straw.

I feel terrible about myself for not achieving anything in life. But it makes me feel good when I see where you are. Thanks for being my best friend.

If you are chocolate you are the sweetest, if you are a teddy bear you can hug the most, if you are a star you are the brightest and if you are my “FRIEND” you are “the best”!

We’re not perfect, we laugh too hard, we’re so loud, we make ourselves stupid, but being together makes us best friends forever!

As your best friend, I swear I will always pretend to be your lesbian lover when you get hit by the ugly butt hole in the bar!

I believe in heavenly angels. I am surrounded by angels, but I call them my best friends.

You think I’m the worst friend for killing me in a post-apocalyptic death match for food.

Laughter is one of the best exercises, and it’s like running in your mind. You can do it almost anywhere, and it’s better to do it with a friend.

The fish said to the water: You won’t see my tears because I’m in the water. The water replied: But I can feel your tears because you are in my heart. It’s friendship!

I was ordinary until I met a loser that I called my best friend!

Thank you for being my friend even though I am the slowest person to get into the pool.

Ironically, thank you for always being by my side when you need something.

My friend’s expiration date is about to expire today. Deliver 4 to 5 sweet, cool and fun friendship messages to instantly recharge your friendships. Hurry!

Funny friendship quotes

“Friendship is like peeing on yourself. Everyone can see, but only you bring the warmth.”

“Most of us don’t need a psychiatrist as much as our stupid friends.”

“Some people go to the priest. Others are poems; I tell my friends.” 

“A good friend will help you. But your best friend will help you move the body.”

“A real friend doesn’t get angry when he insults. They smile and call you more unpleasant.” 

“I don’t like to be committed to Heaven and Hell. I have friends in both places.” 

“It’s the privilege of a friendship to say nonsense and earn ridiculous respect.”

“Friends give you shoulders to cry. But your best friend has a shovel to hurt the person who made you cry.” 

“If you can live 11 days in cramped places with a friend and come out laughing, your friendship is real.”

“It’s one of those blessings that can be foolish with old friends.”

You can always tell a real friend. When you make yourself an idiot, he doesn’t feel like you’ve done something permanent.”

“True friends don’t judge each other, they judge others together.” 

“Friends: People who borrowed my books and wore wet glasses.”

“The holy passion of friendship is a nature that is too sweet, steady, loyal, and can last a lifetime if you are not asked to lend money.” 

Funny text for friends

Dear friend, you pull me more than gravity. I love you! Happy Friendship Day wishes you!

I knew it was friendship at first sight when I saw that we were the same crazy.

That’s annoying. You are weird You are crazy. You are an idiot. You are obsessed. You… like me.

Some people go to the priest. Others say poetry. I am my friend.

Friendship must be built on a solid foundation of liquor, satire, inadequacy, and brag.

Finding a friend with the same mental disorder is worthwhile.

I saw a dog on the road. He was looking for his woman. Fortunately, it is by my side.

I thought that slavery was abolished. It still feels like a slave to our friendship. I love you.

During my vacation, I often feel like a T-rex. Because I can’t contact you at that time.

Thanks for helping me with my homework. Even if you show me this kindness, you are suspicious of me.

Getting to know a politician like you was a terrifying experience. Thankfully we support the same party.

Having a friend is like having a general to defend you. Thank you for making me part of your army.

Buddy, you are like a god of death. I can see my soul straight.

Friendship is like wine. It gets better with age. Like us… getting better and getting older.

My friend’s friend is my friend. My friend’s girlfriend is my friend. My friend’s boyfriend is just trash.

Friendship is like peeing on yourself. Everyone can see it, but the warmth it brings is only you.

You drink too much, you curse too much, and you also have questionable morals. You are all I ever wanted from a friend!

Friends come and go and love the waves of the sea, but the real thing stays in your face like an octopus!

A true friend is like Chinese takeout. It’s reliable, enjoyable, and just a phone call away.

“FRIENDSHIP” is a Sim with no activation fee. Free transmission and reception through roaming around the world and the availability of “NEVER END”.

Fun message for friendship day

I like you the most because you are always there to join me in my quirks. Happy Friendship Day 2020!

I love my crazy, goofy, stupid, colorful, weird, lame, socially challenged friends. Happy Friendship Day for all losers who have called their best friends.

Newton may have discovered gravity, but we have a stronger connection. Happy Friendship Day, Friends!

When you’re around, you often feel like Batman’s Joker. Because you make me laugh. Happy Friendship Day!

Our friendship is like Timon and Pumba from Lion King. No one can separate us. Happy Friendship Day, dear friend.

“Sugar, spices, all good.” ~ It’s an iconic line of Powerpuff Girls, but that’s what it feels about you. Happy Friendship Day, Friends!

There is an ongoing debate in the football world about whether Pele or Maradona is the best. But what they don’t know is that my friend is the best. Happy Friendship Day, Friends!

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