Emotional Friendship Message-Heart Touching Friendship Quotes

Emotional Friendship Message-Heart Touching Friendship Quotes. Sometimes I have to be grateful to my friends who took the time to keep me on a hard and shiny day. Send quotes of emotional friendship to your dear friends. Tell them how much you appreciate them or how much they helped you to be the person of today. 

Send a heartfelt touching message to your best friends, telling them how privileged they feel for their support and presence in your life and how they make everything 10 times better. Here you can find emotional friendship messages to help you value true friendship.

Inspirational friendship message

I am forever grateful to the Lord for sending you into my life. God bless you.

Thank you every day. It feels so good to meet you in my life.

There is nothing in life more precious than a lovely and caring friend. God was kind enough to have given me a friend like you!

I wish I could show you how important you are to me. What I want in life is to remain my best friend until you take my last breath!

You are the only one in this world who knows me better than me. Having you in my life gives me comfort to live and gives me the confidence to move forward!

Love is unstoppable, love is emotional, love is unimaginable, love is desire, love is destiny, but friendship is 1% more than love.

I hope you know that none of what I said meant it. I’m so sorry to hurt you with my words. I miss you so much.

The color may fade, the sun may not shine, the moon may not be bright, the heartbeat may stop, life may pass, but our friendship will cherish it until my heart stops.

Thank you for always being there whenever you need it the most.

It’s reassuring that you have a shoulder to lean on whenever you need it. Thanks for everything.

I can’t be grateful enough for your constant support and help in all areas of life. Glad to meet you, my best friend.

There will be a lot of people entering and leaving your life, but only true friends will leave their footprints behind.

We were lucky it was! We said it was an opportunity! We became friends and it was destiny! We are still friends. It’s faith! We will always be friends. It’s a promise!

You are my guardian angel. I’m grateful every day for life with amazing gems like your friendship.

A faithful friend is like a night light that shines on a night without the sun.

Sister Teresa said, “Don’t expect your friend to be the perfect person.” But “help your friend to be the perfect person”, that’s a real friendship!

If all my friends jump off the bridge I wouldn’t jump with them. I will be on the floor to catch them.

Friends give love, good friends protect, best friends give life, but true friends give hearts full of love.

Emotional friendship message

Your thoughts are like waves coming one after another, erasing all bad memories, such as carving on the beach. Thank you for being my friend!

Life without you will be your worst adventure. I’m glad you don’t have to live a day without your beloved company!

You are my most important friend, and I am glad to share this bond with you.

Whenever I need mental or emotional support in life, you’ve always been there for me as a real friend. I am so lucky to have you!

You gave my broken heart a new one full of love and new hopes and dreams. I think that’s what a real friend does!

I’ve never been tired of this life and it doesn’t matter if I fall twice, every time I fall you know you won’t let me fall to the ground

Your friendship filled my heart with positivity and optimism. You changed my life with your care and love. Thank you for your friendship!

My HEART has 3 chambers. 1 PAPA, 1 MAMA, 1 GOD. Oh! How about you… There is no place for you in my heart, dear… Because a friend like you is my heartbeat!

Sunrise in the east, sunset in the west, friendship rises in the heart and ends after death.

I would never change our friendship for anything. You are so dear to me.

Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me every day. You are a real asset.

A sign of a true friend… He always says that everyone “man! You laugh a lot”….

I am not rich, but rich in heart and not the best, but I will try my best. It may not be right every time, but it is not wrong to choose you as a friend!

Special message for best friends

Thank you for knowing and loving me inside and out. You always have your way to charm my mind. I love it so much.

Dear dear friend, I can’t even imagine my life without you. Thank you for always pampering and holding me tight. I Love You.

Through what is thick and thin, we have nurtured and strengthened friendships. It feels great to share this strong bond. I love you, Betty.

Thank you for always giving me advice and always saying out loud your honest opinions. You are my savior.

Thanks for the back every time. We support our friends. Dear best friend, love you.

Keep me my best friend and I will keep and lock you in my heart. I’ll throw away the keys so no one can take you away from me.

Your friendship has become my habit. Even if he’s taken out, ‘a little’ remains. There are still bits left. Finally, take out b and it remains!

Life is a touch. Some will be there for a while, some will disappear, but those who consider you special will always find a way to stay with you!

My friendship is like a rubber band. It’s so flexible. Stretch out as much as you can, but it hurts a lot if you leave it alone, it hurts a lot!

Friendship is not a game. It does not start in March but ends in May. Tomorrow, yesterday, today, and every day.

Emotional friendship quotes

“True friendship is like healthy health. Little is known about its value until it disappears.” 

“Friendship. In good weather, it’s big enough to hold two, but only one on a foul.” 

“Friendship is as delicate as glass and can be fixed when broken, but there will always be cracks.” 

“Like philosophy and art, friendship is unnecessary. It’s not worth survival. Rather, it is one of the things that value survival.” 

“A real friend is someone who knows you’re a little cracked, but thinks you’re a good egg.”

When we are prosperous, our friends know us. In adversity, we know our friends.”

“Whoever says friendship is easy certainly didn’t have real friends!”

“Don’t walk behind me. I may not be able to lead. Don’t walk in front of me. I may not follow. Walk next to me and be my friend.” 

“In the end, we will remember the silence of our friends, not the words of the enemy.” 

“A good friend helps you find the things that matter when you lose them. Your smile, hope, courage.”

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”

“Friendship will not stand the burden of good advice for a long time.”

“When you face a crisis, you know who your true friends are.” 

“I value friends who find time on his calendar, but I value friends who don’t refer to his calendar.” 

Inspirational friendship message after a fight/misunderstanding

This was a huge misunderstanding. I hope you investigate the problem and think about it. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

I’m sorry. We sincerely apologize. I love and miss you, dear friend.

May this misunderstanding go back to hell and leave us alone. I miss you so much. Reply to my text as soon as possible.

There is nothing I can express how terrible I am. I’m sorry for being such an idiot. Will you accept my apology and let this fight go?

I want you to know that my life is irreplaceable. I hate to react that way, and I’m sorry.

We hope you share with your friends and find the best touch message to spend your day on. Tell them how much you value your bond. Spread a little love every day and don’t forget to make the world a great place to live with your positivity.