Top Best Romantic Movies to Watch with your Partner on Valentine’s Day

Top Best Romantic Movies to Watch with your Partner on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 every year. People celebrate this day by expressing love and affection to their loved ones. Couple too Send a Valentine’s Day gift Have a special time with messages sent to each other. Many people go on a movie date or watch a romantic movie together and celebrate their love for each other.

Packed with love, romance, and touching movie characters to date, this romantic movie will be perfect for you and your partner to watch while enjoying a special Valentine’s Day date together.

Top Best Romantic Movies to Watch with your Partner on Valentine’s Day


A classic and romantic love story of a couple winning odds to find their way back to each other. This movie is about a young boy named Noah who fell in love with a rich girl named Allie. Like all love stories, their stories were full of obstacles. At the end of the film, an old man reading a book to an elderly woman suffering from degenerative dementia follows. The man was Noah himself, and this time reading to Ally a story about their lives to bring back her memories.

This film tried to show that love is a very special feeling, and when you love someone with all your heart and soul, miracles happen.

Love and basketball

As the title suggests, this movie is a story of two people who love basketball, love each other and love basketball equally. The film portrays the life of a young girl, Quincy, with her neighbor Monica, from the moment they first met on the court when she was 11 years old. Like a basketball game, the film is divided into four quarters, portraying love at different stages of life. The film initially shows an innocent love story and ends when a dream comes true inside and outside the courtroom.


Whenever you count a romantic movie, the Titanic is a movie you can never skip. This film enormously raises the bar for a romantic epic. Also, this movie gave us a romantic evergreen song’My Heart Will Go On. This film is a romantic and tragic love story of Jack and rose. Rose belongs to a wealthy family and everyone is ready to marry. She met Jack at the artist Titanic, and Rose comes to love him. Sadly, luck didn’t favor them. When the Titanic sank, Jack died to save Rose.

 The midnight sun

Katy Price, a 17-year-old girl who has been protected since childhood, suffers from a disease that causes life-threatening sensitivity to sunlight. She comes out of the house only in the dark. One night, she meets a young boy Charlie, whom she has secretly admired for years, and that fate leads to their romantic stage. In the end, Katie sails with Charlie, feels the sunshine, spends the last minute with him and later dies, leaving tears for everyone. 

Things to remember

The love story of Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter. This movie is a definite choice for a romantic list of movies and you will cry ugly with heartbreaking scenes. 


An animated romcom movie where Carl, an old widower, goes on an adventure in a house flying in the sky in search of his wife’s dream destination, Paradise Falls.

This beautifully screened film shows how dedicated an old man is to his wife and how much he loves her. This movie will remind you once again of the importance of having your partner in your life. 


A film about two different love stories. A film that ends by combining both sides of the two stories into one. Masan is one of the films that answers the unfortunate situations that each human being faces early or late in life. Unfortunately, many of us have to face it someday. It’s just a matter of time. This film covers many parts of life: romance, love, loss, failure, frustration, and above all, death, the end of possibilities.

Our star’s flaws

Two teens Hazel and Augustus with cancer meet in a cancer support group. The two set out on a tour to visit a secluded writer in Amsterdam. Gus teaches Hazel that all life should be a full life. The last thing that matters is the quality of life you lived, whether it’s short or long. Hazel realizes this at the end of a book written by the hermit author when Gus gets cancer again. Unfortunately, they are separate.

 PS I love you

Based on the novel, this romantic film presents a couple in deep love. Holly and Gary break up when Gary dies of cancer. Holly’s late husband left a letter that helped her gain confidence and strength. This letter from her husband gives the feeling that Gary is standing by her side every step of the way. 


 A romantic movie with a pretty cool story. The male leader, Ved, is forced to study engineering by his family. However, when Tara falls in love with him on a trip and then meets him again, whom she hasn’t been in contact with for years, she makes him realize his worth. The movie consists of perfect moments and a lot of love.

This amazing movie is the best collection of movies to watch on the day of love. While preparing for the movie night, get ready for the rest of the night so you can sit comfortably under a blanket and have fun with your loved ones on this Valentine’s Day.